Welcome to Fyvie Farming

Rooted in Harrismith, amongst the rolling foothills of the Eastern Free State, is home to our Agribusiness 'Fyvie Farming'. We are a family in business that was established in 1940 by Charles Clive Fyvie. Traditionally the farming business was made up out of cattle, sheep, potatoes, maize and wheat.

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We believe that if you can measure it you can manage it. We have a strong and stable management team with a long term vision.

Why work with us

Neil and Pam Fyvie took over the agribusiness in 1991 and through dynamic, forward thinking innovation, transformed the face of Fyvie Farming into a family concern that produces and packs apples and berries, rears Mutton Merino Sheep and Bovelder cattle as well as improved cropping efficiency on maize, soya beans and wheat… all produced through dedication and a drive for a superior quality product. All our departments are run with the utmost precision. From using Beefpro, Sheep pro and DNA testing in the livestock to GPS navigated tractors for precise and variable fertilization, liming, spraying and planting of all crops to probes monitoring water application periods in orchards.


Fyvie Farming plants maize, soya beans and wheat. All lands are limed as needed and planted as minimum till in order to improve organic material content in the soil and create a mulch which reduces weed growth and limits water loss through evaporation.

Apples and Berries

Our apples and berries are grown at an altitude of 1650m creating cold winters, perfect for their winter chilling requirements. With the soil warming up as spring starts we come into production early, and our warm and rainy summers give the trees perfect growing conditions for fruit of the utmost quality with regards to colour, aroma and flavour.

Apple Juice

Along with the production of apples and berries, goes the production of a “nothing added,” cloudy apple juice supplied to Sir Fruit…


Fyvie Farming breeds Mutton Merion sheep which are celebrated for their carcass quality as well as wool production, along with sheep we breed Bovelder cattle which are all DNA tested for optimal production