About Us

Nestled in Harrismith, amongst the rolling hills of the Eastern Free State is home to the agribusiness, Fyvie Farming. We are a family run business that was established in 1940 by Charles Clive Fyvie.


80 years later and the face of Fyvie Farming has transformed, from the traditional EFS farm into a modern family-in-business concern. We produce and pack apples and berries, run Bovelder cattle for beef, as well as improved cropping methods for efficiency on maize and soya beans… all this is done though dedication and a drive for a superior quality product whilst ensuring agriculture remains sustainable.

All our departments are run with the utmost precision. From using Beefpro and DNA testing in the livestock, to GPS navigated tractors for precise and variable fertilization, liming, spraying and planting of all crops, to probes monitoring water application periods in orchards and on pivots. Fyvie Farming believes that if you can measure it, you can manage it!


We have a strong management team with a long term vision; thus keeping our group innovative and adaptable in order to continue offering produce of the highest possible quality with the most efficient production methods in this ever changing climate.

Fyvie Farming are also committed to their employees’ social upliftment. The business has an on-farm crèche for employees with young children, and Pam and Neil mentor new black farmers in the area. The business also sponsors an employees’ soccer team.
Another prerequisite for success, in the Fyvies’ opinion, is good human resource management. They speak from experience: Fyvie Farming employs no fewer than 380 people across nine farms. Pam believes employees should be shown that they are respected and valued from day one.

Fyvie Farming was featured in Farmers Weekly