Bred for Beef on the Finest Grazing


Bovelder Cattle – A Top Breed for Beef Production

A Bovelder animal is a composite breed of carefully selected traits. It was developed under the leadership of Dr A.T. Viljoen in 1978 by 11 commercial farmers with the aim of a more efficient meat production unit.

Our historical knowledge of cattle, willingness to adapt, and long-standing experience with the Bovelder breed in particular, has seen the growth of a formidable herd of animals. The DNA of every cow and bull is tested and used as one of our tools during herd selections. We also use strictly measured performance data, along with a dash of ‘’farmers intuition”. To what end, you may wonder. We strive to breed highly reproductive cattle with an outstanding carcass quality.

Fyvie Farming is a member of the Bovelder Study Group.


“The cattle herd of Fyvie Farming is managed on a high level, with rigorous selection for fertility – emphasising our focus on selection for economic important traits.”

Chris Nel
Executive Officer, Bovelder Study Group

Building the Best Genetics for Beef Cattle

This new gene pool has seen increased productivity and faster progress in breeding and selection, with desirable traits brought in through genetic infusion to meet the needs of small-scale farmers and large commercial breeders alike.

Benefits of Bovelder include:

Adaptability and good constitution

Fertility, ease of calving, and good weaning mass

Free from hereditary defects

Effective growth ability and feed conversion

Good meat form

Good temperament

Excellent pigmentation

Red in colour

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“This Taurus/Indicus composite breed is well-suited to our situation and the grazing potential of our veld. We are into it for the amazing beef it produces!”