Premium Yields That Give Back to the Earth



At Fyvie Farming, our crops of maize, soya beans, and wheat are a by-product of a by-product of a commitment to conservation agriculture. Our lands are limed and planted in rotation to improve the organic material content in the soil. With the good rainfall in the Eastern Free State, dryland is made viable through water-conscious farming. Where irrigation is required, water probes are used to monitor water being drawn along with weather forecasts and crop growth stages. This all goes into determining when and how much to irrigate. Our input has a marked effect on our outputs; with goodness going into the ground, we get a great-tasting and high-quality product out of the ground. We consistently supply large yields of nutritious, sustainable food for export and local markets alike.


Our maize production dates back to the formation of Fyvie Farming, but there are no old methods of production in sight! Minimum till has taken the place of ripping, with sustainably produced grain being a great driving force.

A Minimum-Till Farming Philosophy

Fyvie Farming uses a minimum-till farming philosophy. This means we avoid ploughing and utilise crop residue and cover crops as a nutrient-rich and water-preserving mulch. We also use reduced chemicals and manage produce through a precise system of soil sampling, fertilisation and spraying, and water management. We are growing goodness from the ground up.

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“Soil is where everything begins. And at Fyvie Farming we respect that through techniques of building soil life, improving nutrient balance and increasing humus in our soils.”

Redge Jelliman, Consultant