South African Farm-Pressed, Pure Juice and Cider


Pure, Pressed Apple Juice

The first-rate quality and dependable supply of our apples mean we are best placed to produce a nothing-added, cloudy apple juice. Fruit-fresh and delicious, our apple juice is farm-pressed to supply local market juicers, Sir Fruit.

Using apples grown using sustainable farming techniques, our apple juice is 100% pure – with no chemical additives and preservatives. With pulp from the fruit press being used to feed livestock, pure juice meets pure processes with very little waste and loads of taste.

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“Fyvie Farming has been a key partner to Sir Fruit for some years. They are one of our top suppliers and continue to deliver a high quality product and exceptional service on a consistent basis. We would highly recommend them as a supplier of fresh goods.”

Patrick Baker


Farm-Made Craft Cider: You Never Forget Your First Crush

We have extended our juice production to include artisanal apple cider. This traditional cloudy cider is farm-pure with a slight fizz and a crisp finish for perfect, pure refreshment. Naturally, every bottle of First Crush cider tastes so good because of the goodness of our apples. In an age of mechanical mass production, farm-made artisanal products have become a luxury – something to pursue; something to savour. In a growing market of craft beverages, First Crush Craft Cider has earned premium place for the care, ingredients, and fastidious attention of passionate farmers which goes into each batch.


If you are a registered and licensed distributor and would like to enquire about stocking our craft cider, please get in touch.


“Our traditional apple cider is a pure, premium product. You never forget your First Crush!”